Grantmaking Eligibility

General Criteria

Potential grantees that meet our focus and geographical areas also need to have:

  • An annual operating budget of $1 million or more*
  • A full time, paid executive director*
  • A history of providing direct services to older adults and/or their caregivers in our geographical area, or have an interest in expanding a program to the area

*does not apply to small grants

Current Grantees

Previous grant recipients are not eligible to apply for another grant until 1) at least one year has passed since they received a grant, and 2) a final report for that grant has been submitted to and accepted by the Foundation.

What the Foundation Does Not Fund

The Foundation does not award grants to individuals or other foundations. Grants are not provided for operating support, major capital projects, research projects, scholarships, loans, or endowment funds.

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